About SB Webspot

Our mission is to work with you to create an affordable website for your small business or nonprofit organization, one that effectively communicates your products and services in a compelling manner and helps you to grow your business.

Consulting Services

  • Not sure how to proceed?
    • Let me help you get started. I will help you to understand your options and get the right help even if it is not from me.
  • Your first hour of consultation is FREE. 
    • In our first hour I will acquaint you with the services I provide and you will tell me about what you are looking for. Usually I can provide you with a ball-park cost estimate in our first visit.

Web Development Services

I can provide you with a complete package that includes web development, hosting, and ongoing support.

  • What will it cost?
    • A website can cost as little as $300. The typical cost of a small business website ranges from $300 to $3000, with a median price of about $1500.
  • Graphic designer services are available.
    • Enlisting the services of a graphic designer can improve the look and increase the effectiveness of your website, but if you have a good eye for color and image selection, we can use a basic WordPress theme and keep your costs down.

Custom Programming Services

  • A web developer since 2009…
    • And a programmer for thirty-two years prior to that. I bring this level of experience to every project.
  • WordPress
    • I typically start with WordPress, a content management system (CMS) that empowers you to update and add to the content of your website, putting you in control. With this as a starting point, custom program development and expense is kept to a minimum.
  • HTML & CSS
    • These are the basic tools (programming languages) of the web, and will be used when needed to go beyond what is provided in a basic WordPress theme.
  • PHP
    • PHP can be used to create custom functions for your website. Many WordPress “plug-ins” are available to add function to your website for little or no cost, and while custom programming is a last resort, the skills are there should your project require them.
  • Javascript & jQuery
    • Similar to PHP but works with a user’s web browser to enhance the user experience.
  • Formidable Pro forms
    • WOW! From simple applications like a contact form, to multi-page custom forms, and with all manner of data management and display capability, this form system is truly FORMIDABLE! Add-ons can include user registration, payment gateways, and much, much more. See more at formidablepro.com.

Support Services

Your ongoing support package includes the following:

  • Complete domain and web hosting management
    • You are freed from the technical details of managing a website — free to run your business.
  • A single point of contact
    • One call for all of your problems and questions. No finger-pointing or being bounced between multiple service providers.
  • Daily backups of your website
    • Ensures your website can always recover from the unexpected.
  • Security software
    • I use Wordfence to protect your website from unwanted intrusions as I am truly impressed with their ongoing efforts. See more at wordfence.com.
  • Routine software updates
    • Some WordPress updates are automatic, but ensuring that all updates are applied is the best defense against unwanted intrusion. I will ensure that available updates are routinely applied to your website.
  • Routine database maintenance
    • As your website database is used it can become less efficient and slower to respond to user requests. I will ensure your website database is routinely reorganized to maximize its efficiency, and to help ensure a good user experience.
  • 25% discount from our regular rates
    • As a support client, any future work that you may request will receive this discount.
  • FREE problem resolution
    • If a problem is caused by the softwares that we use, we will repair the problem and/or restore the website at no cost to you.
  • FREE website restore upon request
    • If you request a website restore, we will restore it at no cost to you.
  • One low price
    • $20 per month paid annually provides all of the above services. If purchased separately, hosting alone would cost $9 – $12 monthly, and would not have the benefits of this complete service package.